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Having a good product or service is one thing; marketing it is another.

Put simply, Michael Norton is an award-winning Internet marketing strategist who works solely to help your company make more money. He takes full responsibility for designing, executing and managing your business’s marketing campaign. He can also offer professional training and consultations for what you’re doing wrong in your pursuit of more sales. Usually, he works solo, but will contract other professionals to support him if needed, on an ad hoc basis.

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The Disciplines We've Mastered


Throughout the several years I’ve been in service, I’ve developed competency in a powerfully practical array of disciplines, perfect for your online marketing needs. Though I have specific niche industries that I specialize in, I can apply the following skills to any business on the face of the earth that would desire to market themselves online:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
E-mail Marketing & Automation
Content & Copywriting
Google AdWords
Consulting & Strategy Design



Industries and fields that I specialize in:

—Software Engineering and SaaS Applications: I’ve worked with several companies that have developed software in the fields of AI (artificial intelligence), and mobile phone software.

Investment and Marketing Firms: One of my best clients was, and continues to be, a mergers and acquisitions firm from England that is working to stabilize the economy of Iran.

E-commerce Small Businesses: I’ve worked with several clients who sell things online from either their personal/business websites, or on large markets like Etsy.

E-commerce Big Businesses: Having been accepted by the University of York to study physics in England myself, I can be of great service to companies similar to Tesla who build products for mass production.

Book Marketing: Since I’m a successful independently published author myself who has sold thousands of copies of his life story, I can provide excellent service for both traditionally signed authors who have the funding for a marketing team, and independent authors who need advice but can’t afford a full-time team.


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