What Is An Internet Marketing Strategist? And Why You Need One

strategyAn Internet marketing strategist is essentially a professional mastermind. A corporate chess player. A marketing Sherlock Holmes, as it were. It is a person who devises custom Internet marketing strategies for clients based upon years of intensive study, experience, extensive market research, and data science. They’re a vital teammate for any business that would wish to get off of the ground, stay off of the ground, and make money…or any venture therein, that would need to boost their presence on the Internet.

A deep inner reservoir of acquired knowledge, advanced mathematics, and keen intuition developed by experience make the strategist’s foundation of power. Basically, you may have a product (be it of any kind, in any industry, even if it’s only yourself that you’re selling), but the strategist will be the reason why you actually become able to make sales with your product in the world; for having something to sell and actually selling it are two completely different things. They are masters of psycho-analyzation, forethought, foresight, and generating new marketing ideas for your business: making deductions, inductions, and abductions—based upon the evidence that they collect for your business.

Internet Marketing StrategyThey’re not salesmen who would typically address customers face-to-face; they’re detectives who work behind-the-scenes to solve the mystery of why you’re not selling more than what you are or why you don’t have a larger presence on the Internet, come up with new ideas to help you, and then give you a step-by-step walkthrough about how you can fix that problem, no matter what stage your business is at, even if you’re still fundraising for capital to simply get started. And even if your business isn’t struggling at all, even if it’s already off the ground and comfortably exceeding the break-even point: an Internet marketing strategist can be the reason why your business reaches the next level.

Who Are Internet Marketing Strategists?

The best personality types for being an Internet marketing strategist are the INTJs and the ENTJs, according to the Myers-Briggs test.

Internet Marketing StrategyAccording to 16personalities.com (a respected source for psychological information), INTJ personalities are one of the rarest in the world, forming just 0.8% of the human population. They’re introverted imaginative analytical geniuses who are most often found in laboratories, universities, and libraries—building their vast inner bank of knowledge while formulating innovative ideas that push mankind forward. These are stereotypically the misunderstood prodigies that tend to lack social skills but are the reason why human beings have made great steps forward in history, like the harnessing of electricity (Nikola Tesla), or the invention of the computer (Alan Turing), socioeconomics (John Nash), or have built vast empires and masterminded some of the greatest military campaigns in history with minimal resources (Hannibal). In fiction, you may know them as the famously entertaining characters none other than Sherlock Holmes, Dr. House, and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings.

Internet Marketing StrategyENTJ personalities are very much like the INTJs; both are intuitive analytical thinkers. However, because they’re naturally extroverted in contrast with their introverted counterparts, they tend to engage people more—making for excellent entrepreneurs and salesmen like Steve Jobs.

As an INTJ myself, I’ve had to spend a great deal of introspective time overcoming the natural psychological weaknesses that often limit my ability to speak to people in person without being slapped in the face, or to be the face of my own company in front of a camera. However, over the years, I’ve grown quite proficient in the social skills necessary to exceed the usual standards of performance expected from the world of Internet marketing strategists, achieved in baby steps with courage. I’m actually most comfortable working behind the curtain; I prefer being the star of the stage crew, rather than the star of the stage. I feel as if being the face of my own company is a necessary burden of leadership, required to show the world that we are real and trustworthy, which is why I’m present as the social lead in many of our videos, and how I’ve been able to build a sizable following on social media—the result of analyzing my own business’s weaknesses and leading by example to not tell but to demonstrate to you that we truly are good at what we do, even if I personally dislike interacting with people, or being physically in the theatrical limelight.

When Did Internet Marketing Strategists Become Important To Have?

Internet marketing strategists became a critical role for any and every entrepreneurial team the moment the Internet could be used to help grow a business; many entrepreneurs just haven’t realized it yet. The Internet is the future of business, where the war for market share will be waged harder and harder for higher and higher stakes.


According to internetlivestats.com:

  • Today by 2015, around 40% of the world population uses an Internet connection; whereas it was only 1% in 1995.
  • 75% of all Internet users in the world live in the top 20 countries.
  • 48.4% of them live in Asia, with the vast majority of the Asian market being Chinese, which is typically inaccessible by westerners.

The Internet is where it’s at, where the action is happening, and it’s not going to die down anytime soon. With the advent of the world wide web, once any business goes online they are accessible by nearly the entire known world. It’s a new frontier, one that’s constantly expanding and evolving with innovative new technologies and applications. Internet marketing strategists became important the moment the world realized this. The question is: have you?

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Where Do Internet Marketing Strategists Work?

Internet Marketing StrategyWhere Internet marketing strategists work depends greatly upon the nature of their employment. The corporate titans tend to make it mandatory that an Internet marketing strategist work on the company’s premises, in the traditional collared shirt with tie, but that’s not what’s actually necessary.

All that’s Internet Marketing Strategynecessary for an Internet marketing strategist to do their job properly is an Internet connection with a powerful computer, and a comfortable enough place to read and think.

I actively travel the world, from North America, to Asia, to Europe; therefore, I work from my home,  hotels, and other scenic areas including (but not limited Internet Marketing Strategyto) parks, museums, and libraries where I’m able to be in a comfortable setting yet alone with my thoughts. When indoors, I utilize a whiteboard to organize ideas and draft the actual strategies themselves for clients to have, graphing data the same exact way that Dr. House would list symptoms on his whiteboard in his show.

How Does An Internet Marketing Strategist Do Their Job In Detail?

Internet Marketing StrategyThere are three major phases to an Internet marketing strategist’s work:

  1. The research and development phase
  2. The self-marketing phase
  3. The client marketing phase

First and foremost, we wouldn’t be very competent at our jobs if we didn’t spend countless hours reading, studying, researching, developing, and testing new strategic ideas and technologies, as well as learning new world languages to help market your product in other countries. The Internet evolves little by little, everyday; therefore, it is the strategist’s responsibility to return to the Batcave on a regular basis, in order to expand their inner reserve of knowledge—because there’s always something new to learn, a newer and higher intellectual level of skill that can be reached, before setting back out into the world to answer a client’s demands. The secret to an Internet marketer’s skill is in the intense training and preparation that invested long before a client would ever even think to contact them.

Internet Marketing StrategySecondly, there is the self-marketing phase. An Internet marketing strategist needs to build their portfolio in order to show to the world that they’re the real thing. There are plenty of firms out there who use complicated catch-phrases and technical jargon that they know that their clients don’t understand, who hope to confuse their clients into giving them money and then legally saving themselves with a “no guarantee” clause in their contract. The client is then impressed by the sesquipedalian display, forks over a ton of cash, and then is ultimately left with minimal results.

Yeah…that’s not us.

We firmly believe in the radically foreign and unheard of a concept called: demonstrating by example. I was taught in the military that respect is earned, never given; therefore, if we are to earn your respect, we should be able to demonstrate that we ourselves would use our own metaphorical medicine that we prescribe for businesses…because we’re a business too. We are our own endorsers. We are our own test-dummies. We are the proof that what we do works. We are the example. That way, though no legitimate marketing firm can guarantee the magnitude of individual results (because they vary for each client depending on a myriad of variables): what we can guarantee is that we know what we’re doing. We can guarantee that you can trust us.

We believe that we should first prove that we are able to market ourselves before we market for other people, and that average people should be able to actually understand what it is that we’re doing. Instead of simply building a pretty website and scamming our clients, we, like Einstein, believe “that all physical theories, their mathematical expressions apart ought to lend themselves to so simple a description ‘that even a child could understand them.”

Meaning that you should be able to understand us and what we’re doing for you, and why we’re important even if you yourself aren’t highly educated in computer science.

If we can’t, then by the laws and nature of the free-market: we should have no right to exist. We either harness our skills as a premium-quality product…or not at all.

Internet Marketing StrategyThat’s our standard. Though we can’t speak for other firms that give us a bad name. If we can’t do work that we’re proud of, then we won’t do that work at all.

And finally, there is the client-marketing phase; this is when the time we’ve spent training our skills like Internet marketing Shaolin monks deep in the bamboo forest or Samurai warriors high in the mountains comes to the point where it’s time for the final showdown. Your village (business) needs us, and it’s time to save the day.

StrataGem Internet Marketing basically sells two products:

  1. Strategy
  2. Support for employing that strategy in real-time

For the first product (strategy), individuals can come to us for any reason or from any walk of life; they can be photographers, street-performers, musicians, writers, etc.

For example, a writer can come to us and say: “Hey uhh, I’ve tried to get this book published but it’s been rejected by everyone. I want to self-publish it but I don’t think it’s going to sell. Can you help Internet Marketing Strategyme?” or an independent photographer may say: “Hey uhh, I’m trying to reach more clientele, can you help me?”

It’s then my job as the Internet marketing strategist to say “Yes, give me a week (or whatever) and I’ll have a wonderful step-by-step strategy for you to follow,” after an interview about the nature of their business, and how it’s been run thus far. Businesses can come to us for the same reasons, but often businesses need industrial level help.

Internet Marketing StrategyIt’s my job to use my brain to figure out a way for a client to increase their Internet presence, no matter what their industry is, which differs for everyone. It’s a specialist’s job that I’ve created for myself after being in the same position as my clients: a struggling independent writer desperately trying to figure out how to sell more books; once I mastered the craft, I realized that I could rent out my skills to other people for a price, and train a supporting team to handle the immense workloads of multiple clients.

The second product that StrataGem sells is real-time support. Let’s say I draft a strategy for a client (we’ll say a writer) that requires the use of videography; they then contract us to handle the projects they can’t handle themselves. They may need extra help writing content for their blog, or professional-quality photography or graphic design for the cover of their book, etc.

We provide any and all of that for them as they need it, to succeed.

As the CEO, the hardest challenge of running a company like StrataGem Internet Marketing is learning all of the different disciplines of Internet marketing. For example, one can make an entire career out of photography alone; one can make an entire career out of videography alone, and so forth. StrataGem gives support for writing, editing, videography, photography, graphic design (including business logos) and artistry, translation of anything in up to 16 different languages for international reach, advertising (of all forms both on and offline), web design, and podcasting. Each and every one of these can be turned into entire life-long careers, but I have to be a jack of all trades a the way very similar to how diagnosticians like Dr. House have to be jacks of all medical sciences and specialties (neuroscience, radiology, etc.). This requires an immense amount of vigorous disciplined study, far more than any one bachelor’s degree program at any college provides.

Internet Marketing StrategyNot only that, I have to be able to not only have vision, but effectively communicate that vision to others, analytically break down how the vision is mathematically possible to be achieved step-by-step and lead by example. This requires an extremely high level of math skill, depending on what it is: sometimes requiring high-level calculus. I also need to be able to mentally analyze extremely large amounts of mathematic information, doubling my job as a market research analyst. This means that I must be able to crunch a lot of numbers that deal with projected sales, available market share, competitor analysis, etc. in order to formulate truly effective strategies that make for satisfied clients. This really puts intense pressure on my mind, especially because I have to do all of this in crack-time; clients are impatient. They want results, and they want them not now, not tomorrow…but yesterday.

It also requires fluidity, comfort with immediate and unexpected change, and incredibly fast reading skills because we’re a marketing consultancy firm for any industry. This means that if a client comes to me needing help in an industry that I’ve previously no experience, I can’t use that as my excuse to turn down their patronage or provide sub-par service…simply because I’ve never…say…ran my own massage parlor before.

So not only do I have to be skillful in every major discipline of marketing, but I also have to be able to learn and memorize massive amounts of information about totally foreign industries to me. And by foreign, I’m not only speaking about the industry itself, but also the culture in which that industry resides. For example, marketing for a tea company in China may be completely different than marketing for a tea company in Uganda.

In order to survive, an Internet marketing strategist, such as I, needs to have world-class deductive reasoning intelligence/abilities, almost exactly like Sherlock Holmes. I have to be able to speed-read about an industry, retain all of that information in my memory palace, and do split-second deductions about any and all of your competitors based upon the smallest details, and how to beat them.

So basically, in order to do my job, you have to have a really high IQ, and dedicate yourself to being professionally competent in virtually every marketing discipline in the industry, while leading entire teams of people to accomplish herculean tasks in record times with minimal resources.

Why You Should Contract An Internet Marketing Strategist

Internet Marketing StrategyYou should contract an Internet marketing strategist, namely StrataGem Internet Marketing, if you seek a solution, training, or support for how to generate social media buzz, increase your amount of followers on social media, and ultimately sell/market your product on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter what your industry may be; it doesn’t matter what stage of development your business is in; it doesn’t matter if you wish to market internationally or locally—an Internet marketing strategist is an essential teammate for any entrepreneurial or corporate team, hands down.

Read more to learn more about our firm.

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