Key Terms (for those who may not understand technical jargon and acronyms, as they are used on this page):

  1. Internet Marketing StrategySEO – Search engine optimization
  2. PPC – Pay-per-click advertising
  3. PPM – Pay-per-mille advertising
  4. Engagement – How people comment and respond to posts, articles, etc.
  5. Content Calendar – A schedule by which content is slated to be published and marketed
  6. Analytics – Any data that pertains to the minute details about your audience/following (when they log on, where they click on the page, etc.)
  7. Call-To-Action – Copywriting that inspires action within a reader
  8. Mindshare – How visual constructs affect the subconscious mind of your audience


  1. What and who are we?
  2. How long have we been in the business?
  3. Do we follow Google’s Best Practices?
  4. What is our content strategy as it relates to SEO?
  5. What is our link-building strategy?
  6. Do you have any content, link-building examples that you can provide?
  7. What is your B2B strategy?
  8. Do we manage and optimize Google MyBusiness pages?
  9. What sort of results do we expect to see for your site and in what time frame? How do you measure your success?
  10. How often can I communicate with your team and by what methods (phone, email, etc.)?
  11. Describe how the social media account management process works.
  12. Will I have the right to approve any changes made to my website (content, structural, etc.)?
  13. Have you been recognized for any achievements?
  14. Based on my budget, can you provide a detailed proposal outlining all services you recommend to achieve my desired results?

1.  What and who are we?

StrataGem Internet Marketing is a global Internet marketing company—a small professional task-force with the sole focus of helping people and businesses build their presence online and sell their products.

Usually, Mike works solo, but when needed, other members of the team become active on an ad hoc basis.

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2.  How long have we been in the business?

We’ve been an officially registered limited liability corporation (LLC) since 2015; however, our team consists of those who have been formally educated and independently competing in the industry since 2009. Since we first started, we changed our name to StrataGem Internet Marketing.

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3.  Do we follow Google’s Best Practices?

We absolutely, most certainly do. We are white hat marketers, all the way. All of our content is either completely original and/or properly sourced, as well as the fact that we constantly monitor publicly released changes to Google’s indexing algorithms via email alert, and train our team in-person at mandatory meetings accordingly, as the updates are released.

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4.  What is our content strategy as it relates to SEO?

A very easy question for us to answer directly: We focus on just producing the highest quality content that we can, on a consistent and regular basis.

That’s it. Not hard to understand at all, is it?

We advocate well-written, SEO-optimized blog articles with image and video support (as you’ll see in our own blog), that we then use the link-building strategy that we describe in the answer to question 5.

For some clients, depending upon their needs, we’re even willing to fly to where they are, their geographic location in the world, in order to be up close and in-person with all of our equipment to get what we need to produce the highest quality content we can to achieve your goal(s). Though this costs much more than if we were to simply create content from our current office, which may not be local to you.

From our office, we can produce award-quality articles for your blog, design graphics, and create whiteboard videos. However, if you’d like videos of on-location scenes pertaining to your business, we’re going to need to fly to where you are, with hotel accommodation.

We assess each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis, and act accordingly.

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5.  What is our link-building strategy?

Many marketers often attempt to make a big deal out of a good link-building strategy, blowing it up to be something more than it is, in a way that overwhelms clients with esoteric jargon into thinking that it’s something magicalwhen in fact, the heart of any truly effective link-building strategy is simple: consistent high quality content that you promote in relevant and legal ways, as the answer to question 4 delineates.

Yes, it requires an incredible amount of studying, with sometimes years of practice, and, no, it’s not something anyone can do very easily…but that does not mean that clients shouldn’t have a grip on what’s going on with the Internet marketing firm that they choose to contract, with a clearly understood view of guaranteed return on their investment.

Transparency is one of our key company values, in that we should be honest and clear with both ourselves and our clients at all times. We believe that we should be confident in our own competence, being able to explain what we do in terms that are simple enough for any client, such as yourself, to understand.

We do this by striving to become legitimate masters of our craft—no more, no less. We follow Einstein’s quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it enough.”

Therefore, we believe we should be able to provide simple and clear answers to any and all of your questions in a way that you can understand, inconsequentially of your experience with Internet marketing. If we can’t, then we need to study more…and we will.

For our link-building strategy, we:

  • Determine who our/your target audience is
  • Publish truly unique, high-quality content via our blog
  • Promote ourselves on social media in groups and in PPM/PPC campaigns
  • Utilize a combination of worthy press releases, question websites, guest blogging, building rapport with journalists, keyword hijacking, submitting our content to high-quality directories, and utilize Google Alerts to follow trending content with which we can interact and tactfully promote ourselves, or our clients’ websites.
  • Employ white hat inbound e-mail list building, and lead retainment
  • SEO-optimize all written content, including the “alt=” text of images, with relevant tags
  • Maintain high-speed servers for our/your website(s)
  • Upkeep general server optimization (such as the robots.txt file)

White hat SEOs work harder, but we have nothing to worry about otherwise (regarding updates to Google’s algorithm), because our strategies are simple, honest, and legit.

We actually work for our money.

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6.  Do you have any content, link-building examples that you can provide?

Absolutely. Just check out our blog; our articles themselves are each linkable asset. That’s one of the prime ways we gain our clients to begin with and demonstrate that we know what we’re doing and are a truly legit business. When we contract our clients, we just repeat for them what we do for ourselves; it’s part of our business philosophy to lead by example with complete transparency.

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7.  What is your B2B strategy?

B2B and B2C are not all that different; at the end of the day, it’s still people that we’d be marketing to, people who have emotions like anyone else, and make decisions based on those emotions. We develop content just like we would for a B2C client, but we go about promoting it in different ways, which is unique to whatever our client’s business goals are.

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8.  Do we manage and optimize Google MyBusiness pages?

Of course. We acknowledge that managing a Google MyBusiness page is an integral part of listing your business’s online. We list your business on other websites (including Abaco Small Business, and Bing! Places), but primarily, we focus on Google, because it consumes 65.2% of Internet search engine sharing.

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9. What sort of results do we expect to see for your site and in what time frame? How do you measure your success?

We measure our success by how we attain the specific goals that each client decides. We only deal in results that can be measured by third-party hosted software and dashboards (such as analytics provided by Google, Facebook, Alexa, etc.), that way you know that we aren’t taking advantage of you, or exaggerating what we may have accomplished for you. Because we’re a marketing company, we cannot guarantee a specific amount of sales, but we can guarantee a specific amount of quality target traffic to your website, social media followers, and quantitatively provable engagement.

Because every client’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses are different—we cannot promote a universal guarantee on our website for everyone, but after they/you were to take this assessment, and participate in an exploratory interview by us, we definitely would be able to guarantee specific results of certain kinds individually unique to each client, depending upon the timeframe and budget we would mutually agree on before signing a contract.

We also offer varying money-back guarantees, tailored for each client.

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10.  How often can I communicate with your team and by what methods (phone, email, etc.)?

We pride ourselves on customer service.

If you’d like to work with us, You’ll be in direct contact with the Michael Norton, at all times. Once you take this assessment, and set up an exploratory meeting, you’ll have the personal e-mails of each member of the team, or just the leader’s if you wish—whatever you like.

We usually respond to any e-mails within 24 hours or less, and we can host regularly scheduled performance meetings with you via Skype, or Google+ Hangouts.

We view it this way: even though Michael is the leader of the team, you’re the actual boss, and we answer to you. Therefore, the boss should have direct access to his or her worker(s) on a personal basis, and you will be able to speak directly face-to-face with Michael whenever you wish, according to what appointment and/or contract is established.

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11. Describe how the social media account management process works.

First, we present to you a content calendar that delineates every single detail of what will be published on your website and social media accounts, when, and how. Our team will create everything from social media memes promoting your business, to videos, and blogs in multiple languages—depending upon what your unique goals are. Like we explained in question 4 and question 5, the content we publish is really the heart of the campaign, which enables us to do effective link-building and social media marketing.

Secondly, we establish the budget for a PPM or PPC campaign with you, to boost your content to its respective target audience, using copywriting in a skillful and creative manner to entice each netizen to follow/like your brand.

Thirdly, every day, we check the performance of your account with the metrics provided to us by whatever third-party the data comes from (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) to track how Internet patrons are engaging with the content that we publish and how to best interact with them to nurture our/your relationship with them and manually grow your audience. We then run a diagnostic differential (as often as needed), modifying our tactics as time passes, based upon the results that we produce. We even think to come up with new promotional ideas for your business that would help promote your presence on the Internet, and therein: sales.

Thirdly, we build an email list for you if you wish (as per our professional recommendation or not) of the leads that come to your website. This enables us to nurture a retained dedicated following of people that keep coming back to the website every time we publish new content, building brand loyalty, even if you yourself are your own brand. We hold this list for you and encourage its growth by the design of graphics, calls-to-action, etc. that lead people to signing up. If you decide not to renew the contract with us, you receive the list back to you in its entirety.

Fourthly, we remarket to whomever visits your website but hasn’t signed up as part of the mailing list by the use of cookies that remain on their machine. This increases the mindshare of your business by showing ads about your products/services/business even after they leave the website, in a tasteful manner that doesn’t consist of spamming, but rather tactful advertising.

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12.  Will I have the right to approve any changes made to my website (content, structural, etc.)?

Absolutely. By contracting us, you will have the absolute final say on everything we do for your campaign. Every minute detail, from the design of your website, to each individual article, or meme, etc. that’s posted will not be posted without your approval and final check, first—unless you, yourself, specify otherwise, as per your convenience. Having you check and reaffirm every little thing can get annoying to you, so we’ll shape our methodology to whatever you wish as time goes along.

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13.  Have you been recognized for any achievements?

Yes, Mike and team members have won different  awards in their individual fields. For example, Mike is a seven-time winner of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower award for essays; he is also an award-winning English teacher. We also get 5-star reviews on freelancing websites (like, regularly. And he earned two different awards in Internet marketing strategy by Full Sail University: one for global Internet marketing strategies, and another for online campaign development.

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14.  Based on my budget, can you provide a detailed proposal outlining all services you recommend to achieve my desired results?

Without question. All of our prices are based upon exactly what work is involved and nothing more. We have varying prices for varying services depending upon what you, the client, want/need exactly, which is why we can’t post universal prices for everyone, because Internet marketing is both a science and an art.

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