Overall, there are 8 core values that guide our ethics and customer service:

  1. Happiness
  2. Effort
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. Intelligence
  5. Mutual Respect
  6. Honest Communication
  7. Care
  8. Discipline

For the first tenet, know that we love what we do; the thrill of the challenge of solving puzzles makes us happy to be strategists and we’re not just in the business of long-term quality brand development for the money alone. We’re in it because we understand how innovation pushes humanity forward through the principles of economics.

No…we truly, genuinely mean that.

You see, after we thoroughly analyze your company to determine whether or not you’re someone we could devote ourselves to, we’re able to continually deliver impressive results and genius work over the long term not because we’re extrinsically motivated by the monetary exchange of our contract, but because we actually connect with your vision and want to see you succeed. This intrinsically motivates us to come into work every day after waking up, feeling happy and proud of what it is that we do, which is the key to yielding award-winning work.

For the second tenet, know that we value effort. Every day, we come to work ready to work, and we actually take the time to personally interview each and every single client, one by one, in consideration for a contract. This takes a tremendous amount of energy that others try to mitigate for the sake of ROI with the use of automation, but we believe that adding the personal human touch in actual 1-on-1 conversations is critical to demonstrating just how serious and passionate we are about our work. And furthermore, once we’ve contracted with you, we bring that same kind of energy every day to deliver results…or we don’t work at all.

Thirdly, we value craftsmanship. It takes time to craft a quality custom marketing strategy for any given business, large or small. It takes the construction of your foundational branding strategy, market research, time to learn the ins and outs of your respective industry, understanding the psychology of your customer persona, understanding where and what the demand is, understanding how your product or service meets that demand, how to reach out to customers, how to design landing pages, analyzing metrical data from Google Analytics and social media campaigns, and much more. It takes a careful, skillful touch to do what we do; we are designers, architects that take our career choice very seriously. It’s our skills that basically determine whether or not a business sinks or fails, regardless of how hard other people in your company (including you) work, because the key to any business’s success isn’t just a quality product or service, but generating the awareness, demand, messaging, and positioning for what your brand offers to begin with, in order to gain traction and become successful.

Fourthly, we value intelligence, in both our clients and ourselves. With the rise of AI posing a threat that will eventually replace many jobs, it’s becoming an evolutionary necessity that we evolve into more of an intellectual species, striving to be informed and make critically effective decisions based on that information. Thus, we believe that there is a developing intelligence gap in the human population that is separating the people of the world into classes in the same way that money does.

This does not mean that we think intelligence is the end-all tell-all attribute for success, absolutely not. It just majorly helps to be intelligent for both our clients in the construction of their vision, and us in the design and execution of the plan. We believe in working both hard and smart.

We believe that a person who works hard will get from point A to point B. Meanwhile, A person who works smart will get from point A to point B more efficiently.

…But a person who works both smart and hard will get from point A to point Z.

…and we’re about point Z.

And in order to get to point Z, our emotions have to drive us, not distract us.

Fifthly, we value mutual respect as a critical element of our company culture and business relationships. We don’t work with people who don’t respect us, and we definitely don’t hire people who aren’t respectful. As one of the first things they teach in the military or martial arts: respect is earned, never given. For instance, we understand the ego-gratification that a degree provides oneself, as well as the social proof that a person has gone through an institutionalized curriculum, guaranteeing that they have been introduce to certain information and skill-building classes…but that means nothing in the harshness of the real world. We believe that there’s a difference between intelligence and education, and it’s not education alone that determines who will succeed in the market; it’s talent, drive, self-discipline, intelligence, competitive competence, and hard work.

Sixthly, we cherish honest communication. When we interview you during the process it takes to determine whether or not we’re a right fit for you, or whether or not you’re a right fit for us, we will tell you with bold honesty what we think about your business, what it’s going to take to solve your business problems, and deliver results.

Meanwhile, we expect the same honesty and feedback from you; don’t worry about our feelings. We need feedback as we work in order to make sure that we’re doing a good job for you. If you hide from us what your budget is, if you hide from us your vulnerabilities and weaknesses that we’re not able to discern ourselves, then you only hurt yourself (not us) when we’ll make a marketing decision that costs you money that’s too much for your budget, or some other variable occurs of the sort, because of a lack of clear and concise communication.

Seventhly, we value the will to care, from both you and our team. If we decide to support your business with our skills, it’ll be because, first and foremost, that we can actually connect with it and care about it. It’ll be because we agree with your business vision, see the value it provides (or will provide) to society, thus making it intrinsically motivating for us to go the extra mile each and every day for your brand that will make all the difference over your competitors.

And finally, we value self-discipline. We’re careful about the clients we choose because we’re the real thing. We’re not snake-oil salesman offering overnight results; we offer the slower, longer-lasting solution of nurturing your brand and growing its client/customer base until it’s iconic in its niche. In order to build the skills we have, we dedicate ourselves to daily reading, even beyond that of what we studied in college.

We keep up to date on any and all useful reading materials for our industry, in order to ever expand our range and mastery of skills, with wisdom, knowledge, and thus our overall ability to be at least 1% better at our jobs, every single day. This requires daily dedication to study, analyzation, research, overcome failure, and the continual asking of tough questions that few others can answer. Disciplined continual education is a part of our company culture, and we even pay for our team to earn more certifications as they progress in their careers.

This essentially makes the equivalent to StrataGem’s own unique kind of R&D  (research and development) department, fused with Human Resources (HR).

Read on to learn about what makes us different.