Images feature in all of our articles, and graphic memes are posted on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The latter feature quotes from articles with corresponding sources, in case such are used, and links to your website and social media pages.

In order to avoid any plagiarism or copyright issues, unless it is absolutely impossible or otherwise requested by our clients, we prefer to use original photography and images created by our graphic designers using SLR cameras and graphics software.

Graphic memes for Mike Norton’s Memoir “Fighting for Redemption”
Banner ads for Norton’s Mind
Article graphics and memes for Understanding Pollution
Article graphics and memes for William’s English School
Article graphics for Tenka Tea
Outside advertisement banners for the Italian restaurant “Giacomo’s T.I”
Banner ads for UnderFit
Logo design for ScratchBuildWithJohn

Mike Norton’s Memoir “Fighting for Redemption”

StrataGem Internet Marketing designed a package of memes for a book marketing campaign.

0 Movielike life12 Beethoven

6 Freedom of Choice

8 Grow like a tree

23 Heroism

3 Dreams Art Math Love 10 Honest man         2 Suffer

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Norton’s Mind

We designed a set of advertisements for a writer’s personal blog.

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Understanding Pollution

StrataGem Internet Marketing created graphics for a website that raises awareness of pollution and global warming and meme’s for its marketing campaign on social media.

Power of the Sun 3

light pollution 1

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William’s English School

Our team created memes for an advertising campaign of an English school in Xi’an, China.

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Tenka Tea

We designed graphics for a humanitarian fundraising tea company.


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Italian Restaurant Giacomo’s T.I.

StrataGem Internet Marketing team designed a restaurant entrance sign, outside advertisement banners and take away menu cards for an Italian restaurant in Xi’an, China.

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StrataGem created banner ads in JPG and GIF format for UnderFit, a male undershirt website.

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We designed a logo for a scratch-building website.

ScratchBuildwJohn BlackwCogScratchBuildwJohn WhitewCog

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