Just as potential clients go through a process of deciding whether or not we’re a right fit for their business’s marketing department, we, at the same time, go through a process of determining whether or not a client is right for us; we don’t just take anyone.

We’re able to maintain a consistent average of 5-star reviews on third-party escrow websites like, with a continually maintained 90 to 100% job success rate over several years straight, because we thoroughly vet each and every single potential client before we agree to be contracted by them.

This is one of many ways in which we walk the walk of our brand’s core values: effort, care, and craftsmanship.

We first interview you not only to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and its industry, but we also gauge your personality in deciding whether or not we want to work with you. You could have a revolutionary product, but if your personality isn’t compatible with ours, then contracting together will only make for a tumultuous and toxic business relationship that makes for a terrible experience for both you and us.

Therefore, we only work with clients that demonstrate they have:

  1. Patience
  2. Good analytical skills
  3. Empathy
  4. A company we can legitimately believe in

We only work with clients who have patience, because we’re a truly legit white hat Internet marketing company that needs to reinforce that the best results don’t come overnight. Content marketing, lasting brand equity, etc. are all aspects of marketing that require time to build up. This time is measured in business quarters, starting with three to nine months at a time. We don’t work with people who can’t understand that we’re not in the business of simply gaining a few quick low-quality links that will shoot up your web traffic for the short term, but then ultimately get your website penalized by search engines in the long term. No, we too become a part of your brand; we share your vision and make it just as much a part of us as it is a part of you, and truly take the time to handcraft the best custom strategy, fit specifically for you, while delivering evergreen results over time.

We only work with clients who have good analytical skills, because the smarter you are, the less you’ll suspect that we’re using you, or ripping you off, because smart people not only ask the right questions but actually understand the answers we give them. We don’t like working with clients who are less logical and more emotional, because they tend to erratically suspect the worst the moment we do or say something that they don’t understand. Though it’s our responsibility to explain every step of every process that we’re taking to help your business achieve its goals, for some clients, they may still not understand what it is that we do or why we’re so critically needed for their company and what we’re accomplishing, even if we break down our methodologies to the most elementary first principles. This leads to fear, which leads to unwarranted accusations and tension in the business relationship that increases levels of toxicity that make us not enjoy working with you. Real Internet marketing is highly intellectual work, and we need our clients to understand the nature of that.

And finally, we only work with clients who have empathy. Even if we sign a contract with you,  that doesn’t mean that you own us. We have families; we take reasonable time off; we get sick sometimes. We’re not tools; we’re human beings who have dedicated a great portion of our lives to mastering a very specific set of skills that we should be respected for. If that respect and consideration isn’t there, then we won’t enjoy working with you, and will end the contract ourselves, even if it means not getting paid.

Thus, happiness is our #1 core value for the treatment of our team. We treat our employees well. We love what we do, and we want to love what we do for you. If we determine that you’re a client we’ll dedicate the time, effort, energy, and life it takes to guarantee your success, know that our motivations to work will be intrinsic because we legitimately love our work. Money that we’re paid is just a vehicle for sustaining our lives as we work. When we work for you, we relinquish the fear of failure in order to give you genius work, every time, but we can’t realistically sustain such effort and enthusiasm over the long term if we don’t feel happy, appreciated, respected, and empathized with. You treat us well, and your business will grow in ways that you never thought possible.

We’re not just strategists; we’re one-of-a-kind craftsmen and women. Contracting us is like buying a handmade pair of authentic Magnanni Oxford shoes, a Rolex watch, or a getting a tailor to fit a Tom Ford suit just for you.

We’ve spent years experiencing many different kinds of companies with executives who have had all manner of differing temperaments and psychologies: from Swedish supermodels to ambitious German tech startups. Mike Norton, the lead strategist you’ll be working with and his supporting team, is a designer, the architect of the strategy for your company’s results in the market. It’s taken years of trial and error, constant reading, studying, earning qualifications and personal investment to attain the knowledge and skills that he and his team have. If that cannot be acknowledged or respected, then we don’t want to work with you, and we wish your company good luck.

And finally, we’re not going to work with companies that we think will have products or services that aren’t quality or won’t actually help society. We follow a policy of intrinsic motivation. This means you could be empathetic, intelligent, and patient…an overall charismatic joy to work with, but if what you’re selling isn’t quality, if we know that the lives of your target audience aren’t actually going to benefit from your company…we will not get on board with you, no matter how much we may come to like you on a personal level. This is because we won’t be able to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and honestly tell ourselves that we’re proud of what we do and whom we’re doing it for, whom we’re empowering with our skills that so many other good companies would otherwise direly need to stay in business by making the sales they need.

We acknowledge that we can do very real harm to society if we use our marketing skills to build you an audience that is going to be sold something that may hurt them or not actually help them. It’s our moral responsibility to use our knowledge to push humanity forward, not backward.

We are not moral relativists; we believe in serving a legitimate common good. We believe in pure capitalism, wherein a market demand is met or created by an innovative company that will keep its promises and walk the walk like we do, even if that company is small.

We don’t respect the size of a company; we respect the purpose of a company, and we can’t motivate ourselves to continually give our best work if we don’t believe in your product or service…

…and we can’t believe in your product if we can’t believe in you.

In conclusion, we don’t work with just anyone, no matter how much money they’re offering to us; we only work with clients who are intelligent, patient, and empathetic, who are ready to build a solid relationship with us for the long term, and have something genuinely beneficial for their target audience.

Only worthy clients will receive the power we have to make them the sales they want, and we will turn down huge contracts to preserve that integrity, the honor of our brand.

Read on to learn about our brand values and philosophy.