The Basics of Entrepreneurship: What You Can Learn About Entrepreneurship From A Teenager In New Brunswick

We’ve evolved into an age where most people have become obsessed with finding a job instead of creating one. In this, people relinquish their personal power and freedom while not being entirely conscious of how they’re doing it to begin with. However, entrepreneurship is actually something anyone can potentially do. Everyone has the capability to… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: Conquering Market Share With Macro Strategy And Micro Tactics

When I was a younger strapping lad, I spent the vast majority of my time playing video-games. The kind of video-games that I enjoyed playing the most in particular, though, were real-time strategic war games (such as Starcraft: Brood War, which ironically foreshadowed how I would eventually grow up to choose a career in strategic… Read More

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses: The Power Of Politics And Marketing

Conventional wisdom would lead most businessmen to believe that they should stay out of the realm of politics when it comes to their brand. In most cases, politics is kept out of the workplace, the focus being primarily on the productivity of the team to accomplish the task that the company requires of them in… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: The Best Way To Build A Following For Your Brand

One of the most common questions I’m repeatedly asked by clients, as an Internet marketing strategist, is what the best way is for building an audience for their brand online. They ask as if they’re searching for some kind of magical secret that seems to be kept in a locked box by the elites of… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: Troubleshooting Your Marketing With The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey (TBJ) should be the foundation of every Internet marketing plan for every business on the face of the earth, regardless of that business’s size. It should be used not only as a guideline for setting up the marketing strategy, but also as a framework for interpreting data and diagnosing problems within the… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: Establishing Your Target Audience For Your Content Marketing Plan

The first thing you should do when developing your content strategy is to first define who your target audience is going to be, to understand what their needs and wants are. This is virtually synonymous with product or service development in itself, because that is ultimately the goal: serving the good of the customer. In… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: What Is The Buyer’s Journey And How It Pertains To Your Content Strategy

The buyer’s journey is the process of any given potential customer going from not knowing of your brand at all, to evolving into a loyal buyer of your brand. For the most part, analytical programs (such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc.) exist precisely to reveal data to you about where in the buyer’s journey… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: The Power Of Images On Blogs And Social Media

Imagine yourself walking down a street on a gray, cloudy day. Everyone you see looks grim and is wearing dark-hued clothing. Unless you are utterly lost in the fantasy world within your own head, have buried your nose in your smartphone, or are being carried by your body in autopilot mode from point A to… Read More

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the art and science of attracting and securing hyperlinks from any given website to another, and/or a specific piece of content. Is Link Building Difficult? When it comes to online marketing, link building is perhaps one of the most difficult areas to master. Link building requires a strategic plan, a willingness to engage… Read More

Why So Many Writers Fail At Internet Marketing: Priceless Wisdom For Selling Your Book Online

For me, jumping into Internet marketing was like jumping into a dark pit of danger and the unknown; I had spent so many years developing my ability to write a book, but I had no idea of how to sell one. Learning the trade involved so many different jargonistic terms that intimidated me and that… Read More