Why So Many Writers Fail At Internet Marketing: Priceless Wisdom For Selling Your Book Online

For me, jumping into Internet marketing was like jumping into a dark pit of danger and the unknown; I had spent so many years developing my ability to write a book, but I had no idea of how to sell one. Learning the trade involved so many different jargonistic terms that intimidated me and that… Read More

Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses: The Differences Between Copywriting, Literary, and SEO Writing

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How To Drastically Increase Your Chance of Getting Signed By A Publisher

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How To Determine What Articles To Write For Marketing Your Book

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How Often Should You Write Articles For Your Book

There was once a wonderful character, named Balian, from Sir Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven who said, “We are, all of us, what we do,” a profound statement, though not entirely unprecedented. However, let that quote marinate in your mind for a moment, if you will. You are what you do. …you are what you… Read More

Who Should Write Your Articles To Market Your Book

If you’re considering using an article marketing campaign for marketing your book, the shortest, simplest, and most effective answer to the question of who should be writing the articles on your website is, well… …you. However, there are absolutely benefits to having a team at your disposal, and no, I’m not just talking about hiring… Read More

Article Marketing For Nonfiction Books

To say the term, “nonfiction books”, can connote the possibility of a whole wide array of genres in the same way that saying “fiction books” does; they are both like two giant trees, and every branch on either tree represents a different genre or subject, and every leaf represents individual ideas within those subjects and… Read More

Article Marketing For Stories

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Why You Should Market Your Book With Articles

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Book Reviewers Don’t Charge Enough, And Why You Under-Appreciate Them

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