Internet Marketing Strategy
CEO of StrataGem Internet Marketing

With an INTJ personality that was hardened by an unforgiving life of poverty, violence, sickness, and psychological trauma: Mike Norton is a darkly intense rebellious perfectionist who lives by his own code of honor.

Though reserved in person, he’s known to actively memoir on his public social media page, sharing his thoughts, opinions, philosophy, and sometimes even advice with the readers of his work, having stored a wealth of information in his brain with the use of a memory palace.

The cover of Mike’s bestselling memoir.

Mike is almost a one-man army; more than just the marketing strategist of the brand, he is the voice actor for all of the company videos, as well as the video editor, the copywriter, script writer, content writer, paid advertising and social media manager for the company.

He employs the second eyes of an editor and hires others on an ad hoc basis, but for the most part: Stratagem Internet Marketing is a sole-proprietorship owned and operated by him. Occasionally, he even models for his own work.

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