Stratagem Internet Marketing started the same way every other entrepreneurial venture in the world has and does – with a dream. At first, its name was Tenka International. After overcoming the trials and tribulations of the events depicted in his memoir, Fighting for Redemption, Mike Norton traveled to China; wherein, alone, with merely sixty American dollars in his pocket: he began a new life.

He worked every day as an English teacher for two years while naturally and quickly absorbing the Chinese language. The first year was quite perilous, particularly the winter; he struggled with holes in his clothes, the soles of his shoes literally falling off, while suffering from infected abnormal growths in his nasal cavity, eventually being hospitalized when his illness grew too great to bear. He struggled to gather the money he needed to pay his medical expenses as a first-year foreign teacher in an industry he was completely new to, amid adapting to a culture completely different than what he had hitherto been accustomed.

By the second year, after having attained a competitive level of mastery with his day job while still battling physical illness, he began drafting ideas for legal ways he could make money on the side with respect to his employer and visa. The proceeds of his independently published book were too little to survive off of at the time, but he never gave up on his writing potential. He didn’t doubt his ability to write a book, but his ability to sell a book needed an intense amount of training; he quickly realized that the ability to write a book and the ability to sell a book were two entirely different art-forms, both of which he had to dual-class in, in order to succeed.

It was during this time that he met a woman from Latvia who would become his future wife, a fellow polyglot and world-traveler named Karina, who soon became the first member of the team. With the same exact personality types, according to the MBTI 16-personality test, as Sherlock and Watson: they together tried a series of entrepreneurial ventures, from a restaurant, to a tea-farm, that failed, primarily because of the rules of their visas. Mike was the primary strategist with the big-picture view and ideas, while Karina was the extra support he needed to nut and bolt everything together with details.

It was during this exhausting process of trial and error, spending countless sleepless nights beating his head Internet Marketing Strategyagainst the wall reading any information he could about Internet marketing, setting goals, drafting marketing strategies to attain those goals, executing them, and analyzing how each campaign could do better than the last, that he finally made a breakthrough. His book topped the charts of its respective categories five times by the third year of his stay in China, and his fortune had completely turned around.

Not only did his book then become a 5-time bestseller on, but around the same time, he and his wife simultaneously became two of some of the highest ranked teachers in all of China according to a national competition, bringing much acclaim and honor to their private school. Also, when the headmaster of the school, William, learned about Mike’s other talents, William contracted him to build their school’s website in order to bring in more foreign teachers so that the school could expand and franchise all throughout China.

It was then, whilst building the website, that Mike noticed that though the content of marketing for himself and his school pertained to two entirely different industries, the algorithmic process of attracting leads and calling those leads to action (buying, selling, following, liking, etc.) were highly similar if not virtually the same. Therein, Mike found his answer in the brainchild of Tenka International.

He then matriculated into Full Sail University for a full formal education in Internet marketing to perfect his skills to a level of virtuosity.

While working full-time as an English teacher during the days, attending his university full-time as a student during the evenings, and building Tenka International part-time as its CEO: Mike traveled around, gaining the respect of the highest skilled teammates he could find from different countries who would join him, all made possible by his wife’s support who handled what he couldn’t.

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Soon after, Mike earned respect, trust, and financial backing in America, and thereafter: Tenka International was made official as a Limited Liability Corporation, registered in New Jersey, USA.

The dream had come true, and Tenka had already secured its first client before its website was even completed.

Mike had become the CEO of a fully international task-force with some of the greatest minds from Europe, America, Oceania, and Northeast China, and together they created a team capable of marketing for any company to any market on the face of the earth.

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