Stratagem Internet Marketing PricingWe offer two different services, based on the different roles that we can play to help your company: passive and active.


  • You pay a flat monthly retainer of $249.99 in exchange for unlimited consulting. The consultations can occur through textual, visual, or audio conversations. Because every business’s puzzle is unique, when you subscribe to this option, we spend about a week researching and analyzing your specific business, market, and industry in order to provide you with continual advice and direction for how to succeed and overcome your marketing hurdles as you face them. This is usually the best option for entrepreneurial startups who don’t have the budget for much, but need to hire an extra brain to help them with understanding how to effectively bootstrap until they’re ready to hire their first employees.If this service sounds like the one for you, contact us, and we’ll set it up for you.


  • Based on a fixed rate of $45 per hour, when you opt into this service, we have an e-meeting in order to negotiate a fixed amount of weekly hours for us to work hands-on with your business, rather than just consulting you like we do with the passive package. We play a direct hands-on role in designing your business’s marketing strategy, leading your team (or replacing it altogether), managing your digital advertising accounts accounts (e.g. Facebook, Google Adsense, etc.), and take full responsibility for executing your business’s marketing strategy and seeing toward its success. We also provide regular progress reports so that you can see exactly where your money is going, how, and why. This is usually the best option for business that have already made it out of the startup stage, or at least have a starting budget high enough to hire a marketing strategist for part- or full-time.If this service sounds like the one for you, contact us, and we’ll set it up for you.

Negotiating The Active Package

We don’t negotiate the price per hour, but we negotiate how many hours per week that you’d like us to work, because we understand that you may have budget limitations. Some businesses need us to do more than simply play the passive role, but they may only be able to afford 10 hours of our time per week. Thus, negotiations consist of us working out what we can accomplish in the x-amount of hours you can afford per week, and then we go from there.

What To Expect For Project Pricing

The reason why we’re able to give away so much information in our blog (that most other marketing firms would consider trade secrets that they’d jump through fiery hoops to protect) is because even with all of that information, it still takes immense skill, time, and energy to solve your unique puzzle; everyone’s business is different. That’s not something that can be replicated with just a blog, no matter what information we give away in it.

What we can tell you are the variables that affect pricing, as well as pricing averages based on projects that we’ve already done with other clients. So, while you may not read this page and get a menu-like answer, you will at least have a good idea of what it’ll likely cost, because remember: marketing is an investment, not an expense.

You should never let the price of hiring a truly skillful marketer deter or intimidate you, because a legitimate white hat marketer’s entire career is based on whether or not they can generate more revenue for your business than whatever you may pay them. Therefore, if you were to pay a six-month 40-hour per week full-time retainer that equates to more than $40,000…you shouldn’t have any buyer’s remorse, because you should be making far more than that in return because of what the marketer would be accomplishing for you.

For project-based milestones, such as the completion of an in-depth marketing plan for your business, expect to pay (on average) between $1,000 to $3,000, depending upon how much research we have to do for your brand. With the passive role, we do limited research, but with the active role, we’ll go so far as to perform social experiments for specifically your company, and your company only, in order to get you the absolute best research money can buy for your target audience(s).

Though, these averages are based on small businesses that we work with, or have worked with in the past. Total costs will naturally be higher for bigger businesses, because they usually have puzzles that require far more of a personal investment of time and effort to solve and manage.

We work best, however, when it’s not us that tells you how much we’re going to charge you…but instead, when you come to us with a budget that you have to work with to accomplish your goals, and we work within those confines. Most small businesses have to bootstrap, and we’re totally okay to work with what you have for most goals. We don’t change our prices in order to keep it fair for every client, but we’ll tell you what we’ll be able to accomplish with the budget that you set for us to work with in that regard.

If you want to have a short phone or webcam conversation with us to find out what it would specifically cost to solve your individual business puzzle, which service would be best for you, then be sure to contact us directly.