Throughout the several years I’ve been in service, I’ve developed competency in a powerfully practical array of disciplines, perfect for your online marketing needs. Though I have specific niche industries that I specialize in, I can apply the following skills to any business on the face of the earth that would desire to market themselves online:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
E-mail Marketing & Automation
Content & Copywriting
Google AdWords
Consulting & Strategy Design



Industries and fields that I specialize in:

—Software Engineering and SaaS Applications: I’ve worked with several companies that have developed software in the fields of AI (artificial intelligence), and mobile phone software.

Investment and Marketing Firms: One of my best clients was, and continues to be, a mergers and acquisitions firm from England that is working to stabilize the economy of Iran.

E-commerce Small Businesses: I’ve worked with several clients who sell things online from either their personal/business websites, or on large markets like Etsy.

E-commerce Big Businesses: Having been accepted by the University of York to study physics in England myself, I can be of great service to companies similar to Tesla who build products for mass production.

Book Marketing: Since I’m a successful independently published author myself who has sold thousands of copies of his life story, I can provide excellent service for both traditionally signed authors who have the funding for a marketing team, and independent authors who need advice but can’t afford a full-time team.


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