Content MarketingIf your content isn’t on point, you won’t have the Internet presence you need to pull in the revenue you want.

Content drives the internet, plain and simple. There is no marketing your business on the Internet without content. Therein, there are two aspects to content marketing: strategy, and management.

Content Marketing Strategy

A good content marketing strategy is about far more than just knowing to post a blog article. You have to have:

  • A thorough understanding of your aContent Marketingudience’s psychology, what they want, and what their pain points and problems are. How to best engage your target audience’s psychology and emotions in the voice that would best represent your brand (customer personas developed from extensive market research).
  • How certain images are going to affect the psychology and neurology of your target audience (neuro-marketing).
  • An in-depth detailed understanding of how to structure the architecture of your content for each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • How each constituent of your business works together in flow-chart form while using data science to troubleshoot weak areas of your marketing (a visual business strategy that works the same way an architect would design blueprints for a building, or an electrician would draw the schematic of a car).
  • An editorial calendar to stay on track with an automated plan at least one month ahead of a set publishing schedule, with an inventory of each and every individual piece of content, and what it’s documented purpose is. Not all content is the same, and can serve a different purpose for the buyer’s journey. Some content is suitable for certain kinds of social media channels, while others aren’t. Meanwhile, some posts should be kept on your website, and not your channel. Some content should be kept on your channel and not your website.  Some content is good for calls-to-action and conversions, while others are good for lead nurturing.
  • An SEO Keyword Analysis for a detailed understanding of how your content will be analyzed by search engine crawlers and rank on directories, like Google, to draw in free organic traffic over time. The Keyword Analysis would also be used for paid search engine marketing, such as Google AdWords, if it’s within your budget to support doing so.
  • An understanding of what hashtags your brand should be using, why and how.
  • Tiny details that make all the difference in how well your audience interprets your content, such as word length and how the aesthetics of the blocks of text look to the common eye.
  • Editing and quality assurance.
  • A documented plan for how to build links to your content, with expertly copywritten e-mails to industry influencers, and saturated authentic answers to Q&A websites.

Content MarketingThe content I can plan and construct for your business, in order to attract links, followers on social media, and more—will be critical to helping you establish your Internet presence by building your audience, and raising your brand’s awareness, thus making it progressively easier to sell your products and/or services over time.

Search engines care about the design of a website, sure, but not nearly as much as they care about the actual content on the site itself. You can have a dazzling HTML5 website with a moving interactive background picture, the works…yet it will always pale in comparison to the simpler HTML website with stellar written content that genuinely improves readers’ lives.

Content Marketing Management

Content MarketingManaging your content marketing plan is the next step, and just as crucial. Writing, graphic designing and even filming content can be a full-time job for any company, large or small, and you may not have the manpower, time or energy to do it properly on your own. I can do everything for you, on a continual basis, directly from the backend of your social media accounts and website, after gaining a full understanding of your brand and your goals, taking the entire weight off of your shoulders, giving you more time to pursue other ventures.

When it comes to content marketing strategy, I’m an engineer.

When it comes to content marketing management, I’m a craftsman.

You may need one service, but not the other. You may need both together. You may already have both, but could merely use some advice on how to have better execution, or to solve a puzzle about your business marketing that you can’t on your own. If any of these sound like services that you want, click here to contact Mike.