Market ResearchMarket research is integral to anything you do in business, even if you’re not a marketer. Trying to set up a business without doing research on your target audience is like walking through minefield while blindfolded. Or trying to wage war on an enemy without doing any reconnaissance whatsoever.

Can it be done? Theoretically?


Will you succeed? Realistically?

…no. Absolutely not.

This is one of the hugest mistakes that small businesses and entrepreneurs make: either not doing any research at all, or performing too little. You can never invest enough in market research, and I specialize in it.

I’m not a strategist that tries to sell you a cookie-cutter answer that I just rinse and repeat for every business. No, I take the time to really research your business/brand, the audience that you’re trying to reach, what you’ve done so far, analyze why it hasn’t worked, get feedback from your target audience, get statistics about your target audience and then use all of that data, all of that acquired knowledge that’s relevant to you, and only you, to build a custom strategy, or give custom advice specifically tailored to what will work for you…

…and only you.

How I Do It

I accomplish this in a variety of ways that’s different for every client. Some methods of gathering and analyzing data that we use are (but aren’t limited to):

  • Boosted surveys on social media
  • Direct 1-on-1 interviews with individual members of your target audience, both those who like and dislike your brand
  • The reading of textbooks to gain personal knowledge about your industry so that I can write content from my own heart, since authenticity can’t be faked
  • Statistical information from analytical software (such as Google Analytics), to gain insight on why people may be bouncing off from your site and not converting into paying followers
  • Counter-intuitive social experiments on social media to gain blind psychological data about your target audience from what I can analyze about their reactions, and what that means for the content that I should produce for you

Market research is key to effective content marketing, while effective content marketing is key to your business’s success online.

Research is the art and science of gathering dots; planning is the art and science of connecting them; execution is putting the dots that we’ve connected to practical use in real-time.

If this sounds like a service you need, be sure to contact Mike.