Publishing, Social Media Marketing & Link BuildingSocial Media Marketing (SMM) is all about actively building a lasting relationship with your target audience, while evoking the positive reactions needed from within them to convert them into loyal brand evangelists that you can sell your products and services to, again and again.

In order to do that, you need a quality content marketing plan, made possible only by extensive market research.

Once content on your website is properly scheduled and begins to publish, besides the use of social media, there is also the need for link-building, to draw organic traffic to your content and thus your brand.

There are three philosophies of ethicality with link-building: white, gray, and black hat.

Gray hat and black hat SEO/link-building may get you sloppy results quickly, but may actually get your entire business banned from search engines altogether a few months down the road.

White hat SEO/link-building takes longer to see results (about two to three business quarters), but they’re everlasting and yield a truly quality audience that’s the most likely to convert into paying buyers.

My philosophy is purely white hat.

Publishing, Social Media Marketing & Link Building

So, as I’m producing content for your brand, publishing that content, building links to it, sharing it around, and engaging with potential customers to convert them into kinetic customers, we’re simultaneously gathering data about how your audience is responding within the different constituents of the visual business strategy that I’d have already designed for you.

The visual business strategy is a flow chart of how everything works together like a symphony, much in the same way that an electrician would draw schematics for the electrical wiring to your house. The Internet traffic flowing through each part of the house leads to working lights when they’re converting. If there’s a light that’s out, or shorting, I look at the schematics I draw, the same way an electrician would to figure out where there’s a weakness in the wiring with a series of troubleshooting techniques, and then fix it.

Research is the art and science of gathering dots; planning is the art and science of connecting them; execution is putting the dots that I’ve connected to practical use in real-time.

If any of this sounds like a service that you could use for your business, be sure to contact Mike.